Marshall, George 2007 Carbon Detox by

Carbon Detox, George Marshall, 2007,  Octapus Publishing, ISBN 978-1-85675-288-6 £7.99Avoids details about climate change and concentrates on trying to explain the human response (and lack of response) to this challenge.   Makes a very good attempt to bring this down to an easily understood level and so encourages the belief that people of widely differing personalities can be approached in ways that will appeal to them.   Written with humour and modesty, he takes you though your excuses and evasions and in the second half of the book invites you to look hard at your carbon footprint.   This part is better than most books for calculating carbon footprints because he emphasises the relative impact of eg saving a plastic bag or not taking a long distance plane flight and he also add the large carbon cost for the services we use that are provided through Council and Government agencies.    Very good references to websites etc and to his COIN Climate Outreach Information Network and webiste  www.carbondetox.og