MacCracken, M.J. (Ed.) 2007 Sudden and Destructive Climate Change,

Sudden and Destructive Climate Change, Exploring the Real Risks and How We Can Avoid Them, MacCracken, M.J. ed.  Dec 2007, Pub. Climate Institute, 320 pg  ISBN 978-1-84407-478-5 pbk £24.95.Collection of articles, Editor from the Climate Institute Washington DC USA.  This book says  “…it goes beyond the ‘lowest common denominator’ conclusions in the IPCC 4th Assessment.” and it certainly does.   The analysis of tipping points shows precisely why they have been ignored by the IPCC reports etc and how rapid changes, most evident in the Arctic sea ice, show what is really happening.    The loss of polar ice however, is not treated in a simplistic way and the contradictions in the trends of the central Antarctic ice cap are included.  There are articles showing how much has been achieved in countries which are determined to reduce greenhouse gases.  This is an expensive, technical book but with very important insights.