Cox, Peter 2007 ‘Planet Earth We Have a Problem’

Peter Cox, Deepak Rughani, Peter Wadhams. David Wasdell  ‘Planet Earth We Have a Problem’ , Proceedings of a Briefing given in the House of Commons, 6th July 2007. Published by the All Party Parliamentary (UK) Climate Change Group in association with the Meridian Programme.  Available only from Meridian House, 115 Poplar High Street, London E14 OAE price £10 plus £2 p&p.

The focus of this book is entirely on ‘tipping points’ described through the standard feedback system analysis.   This focus is very appropriate because a dangerous impression is given by many accounts of climate change that we should expect gradual climate change allowing us to ‘mitigate and adapt’.  This book make it clear that we do not know how close to a tipping point threshold we are beyond which mitigation would not be able to reverse the feedback process.