McIntosh, Alastair 2008 Hell and High Water

by Alastair McIntosh 2008 Birlinn ISBN 13: 978 1 84158 622 9 / ISBN 10: 1 84158 622 6

Offers a worthy exhortation for us all to pull ourselves together with the aid of spiritual and/or popular psychology insights.   Skims through various perspectives with homely anecdotes and even includes a Chapter on the Spirit of the Blitz which is a very apt title but there is no critical analysis in depth.  We need to understand the science of predicting the conditions – and how to promote them – in which people become cooperative, and willing to respond adequately to the profound changes in lifestyles and expectations needed to stop climate change.  This science is established in the mainstream psychological literature but unfortunately I cannot find a brief, simplified text to recommend.