We are in a No Man’s Land
beyond our understanding .
Even our scientists can’t see clearly
what happens on the far side
of infinity.

Some are bold enough to think
that Higgs-Boson will supply the missing link
back to the foothills of our origin.
But surely now the time has crate
to raise our eyes to the far horizon.

In this now century
we are like cave-men driving down
the fast lane of a motorway.

Seven billion people are alive today!
No wonder we seem to have lost our way
with little or no idea of where we’re going.
Our greed and consumption can’t be right
as we all indulge our latest appetite.
We are unaware of what may prove to be
the destiny of earth and sky and sea.

Time now to listen to our one Creator
and conserve for generations yet to come
all earth’s scarce resources and ensure
there’s enough to share with everyone.

Bill Donaldson