McIntosh, Alastair 2008 Hell and High Water

by Alastair McIntosh 2008 Birlinn ISBN 13: 978 1 84158 622 9 / ISBN 10: 1 84158 622 6 Read the rest of this entry »

Malaria and dengue the sting in climate change

23/11/2008 Observer SYDNEY (Reuters) - Southeast Asia and South Pacific island nations face a growing threat from malaria and dengue fever as climate change spreads mosquitoes that carry the diseases and climate-change refugees start to migrate. Read the rest of this entry »

Hansen’s summary of his 2008 publication.

This is Hansen’s summary (1 page) with conclusions followed by his Questions and Answers (2 pages). Read the rest of this entry »

James Hansen’s latest publication IS THE MOST IMPORTANT YET

15/11/2008 James Hansen, eminent climate scientist, has published a aunthoriative scientific analysis and stated the conclusions in uncompromising terms.  SUMMARY and refs here. Read the rest of this entry »