Emissions by USA nearly doubled in 14 years.

22/12/2005  US energy department report shows US emissions rose 2% in 2004 and were 7,122.1m tonnes of CO2 equivalent the previous year - about 25% of the world total.    Read the rest of this entry »

Pollution causes more cooling than previously thought

22/12/2005   As atmspheric pollution is cleaned up it could trigger a greater surge in global warming,  scientists warn in the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration Report published in Nature journal.   Previous assumptions about the cooling effects of aerosols from pollution have been badly underestimated the Report says.

Water vapour increases CO2 effect

12/12/2005  BBC  Water vapour rather than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the main reason why Europe’s climate is warming, according to a new study.   Read the rest of this entry »