Nice UK climate predictions? The really bad news is missing.

19/6/2009 Editorial Comment The really bad news about the UK climate predictions is Read the rest of this entry »

MIT predicts 5.2 C hotter this century: Link to the Full Report is in Documents.

Instead of a global temperature rise of 2ºC by the end of the century at current rates of human emissions they now estimate that it will be 5.2ºC. Read the rest of this entry »

Lack of scientists who understand climate change in government.

5/6/2009 Planning (journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute) Summaryof an article by Peter Allen ‘Science and Government’. Read the rest of this entry »

More global investment in renewables than fossil fuels this year.

5/6/2009 Guardian Turning point as renewables attract more global investment than fossil fuels. Read the rest of this entry »