Nice UK climate predictions? The really bad news is missing.

19/6/2009 Editorial Comment The really bad news about the UK climate predictions is…missing.   Yes, some very pleasant climate changes could arrive in the UK but the bad news what follows and that is missing from the MET forecasts.

1.   As George Monbiot points out the rest of the world will be devastated and all of that violence will kick back on the UK.   People trying to escape famine and violence will pour into any areas that is seem not so badly affected in their hundreds of millions.

2.    If we have done nothing to stop the carbon emissions we will probably have passed the tipping points that release the trillions of tonnes of carbon from the sinks.   Then there will be no chance left of protecting the benign climate of this plant.   We probably have a chance now but are we going to throw it away?

Talk of climate change being quite tolerable and fairly easy to adapt to, is our greatest danger.

Turn to the reality - listen to James Hansen and the others to tell the whole truth.   Yes it is hard but being deluded and throwing away our last chance is lterally madness.   Comment by the websites editor, Morris Bradley