A Child can understand.

A CHILD can tell us how to stop Climate Change.To wake people up to the damage we are doing to our climate and our ecosystems, we need to focus on the ONLY KEY MEASUREMENT  that matters - The ONLY key measurement that matters is the amount of carbon (and other greenhouse gases) emitted into the upper atmosphere.

Most people’s minds are filled with details and distractions that stop us from concentrating on what really matters - so we need to focus on this measurement.

Emissions of greenhouse gases have steadily increased for decades while plans and summits and  targets and promises have distracted us.

Last year in a global economic recession emissions increased another 6 percent.  We must reverse this and make at least 6 percent decreases year after year.

To get the focus on this measurement and insist on actions that really do result in decreases in the key measurement we have to tackle people’s

muddled thinking, denial, obfuscation, distraction and lack of imagination.

So bring on the sharp thinkers, the eloquent writers, the imaginative artists, the clever comedians, the logical analysts - everyone who cares enough to get a grip on the simple logic that a child can grasp.

THE PROBLEM IS BURNING FOSSIL FUELS - the Key Measure is Carbon emitted -

THE ANSWER - says the child - is WHY DON’T WE JUST STOP DOING IT???

All of the rest will follow when we get the carbon emissions coming down fast - we can look forward to a tolerable future for our children, with genuinely zero carbon energy resources.

How do we stop burning fossil fuels?  Polluters must pay for the damage they cause -  so tax them increasingly until they are uneconomic.

FEE and DIVIDEND is the best, simplest and fairest way - not the discredited cap and trade.