Increasng pressure on governments to limit fossil fuels

A Dutch court has ruled that the government must cut fossil fuels to meet international targets. (25/6/2015 in the DAILY NEWS postings).

This is a significant step towards effective control of the fossil fuel industry by governments, which is the only legitimate way to reduce carbon emissions and prevent further damage to our lives and ecosystems through global over-heating.

Of course, the Dutch government will probably over-rule this attempt but this ruling shows the way forward as more and more prominent people can for action to stop the fossil fuel companies.

The key issue here is that national governments are increasingly losing their powers to huge international organisations.

The risk is that even if public opinion creates a demand for national governments to limit the power of such international companies, national governments may have given up their powers to do so.   The European Union should be stronger than individual governments but it still lacks resolve.

If the international companies get what they want, it will be extremely difficult to win democratic control over our future.

… to be completed…