List of opinion-formers speaking out to stop fossil fuel extraction

5/7/2015 List of opinion formersĀ  speaking out to stop fossil fuel extraction.

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International Energy Agency, Chief Economist Fatih Birol warns that energy companies risk losing investents if they think they are immune to climate policies. (Also World bank and Bank of England_ 9/7/2015

EU Commissioner for climate change and energy “No plan B if Paris fails” 6/7/2015

Head of OECD “the most urgent threat” 3/7/2015

UK Prince Charles 2/7/2015

The Pope 25/6/2015

Dutch Court in the Netherlands 25/6/2015

G7 Summit, headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel 8/6/2015

Paul Polman, Head of Unilever 20/5/2015

Two top US financial experts 6/5/2015