Will you help to make a time-capsule?

If the problem is that we know we are spoiling the planet for future generations but we are not doing anything adequate about that, perhaps it would help to make this more explicit if we made time-capsules in which we left messages to those future generations.   If is easy enough to take pictures and make video statements - I would suggest each of us makes a statement trying to explain why we are not doing enough.   In my case I would say that I have done quite a lot of the easy things but I know I could do much more if I were prepared to suffer the consequences.   I like to believe that I would take this drastic action but it is hard to do it in isolation.   I would be much happier to support a very stringent rationing system that applied to everyone else.   This is classic theory from Hardin’s idea of the Tragedy of the Commons if anyone wants to read it.

I think making statements to be kept in time-capsules, in which we have to speak honestly to the generation of our children and their children, would sharpen up our own thinking.   If we invite politicians, decision-makers, and industrialists to add their own statements they can either face the same stringency or be listed on the record as not willing to speak out.