Ullapool aims to stop free plastic bags - BUT there is a BIG BUT

10-16/1/2008 Big Issue Good news that Ullapool is trying to save 300,000 plastic bags each year BUT proportionality is important.  Read the fatal flaw - Comment:   Yes it is good to stop wasting plastic but only if those achieving this understand proportionality.   One person in the village could save more in a day than the whole village’s 300,000 plastic bags per year by not taking just one air-flight to London.    Or driving economically and cutting out half the car journeys over a year.    In other words the effort only makes sense if the villagers understand how much their other emissions are causing and are willing to make serious changes in their lifestyles and expectations.   The choice of cotton is also an unhappy one because growing cotton consumes huge amounts of water in countries where every drop is needed to grow food.