What questions follow if sustainability is the fundamental necessity?

Open this post for a summary list of QUESTIONS implied by SUSTAINABILITY.

Is the present totality of human activity on this planet - including accelerating trends -sustainable ie could it continue as it is indefinitely?  If the answer is NO then:

When and how is the  existing unsustainable human society likely to end - if we do not change it sufficiently?  If the answer is that doing nothing is already causing destruction which will escale within decades and may then reach a point of no-return where inevitably human society collapses, then:

What changes are necessary to create a sustainable form of human society which could survive for many centuries at least?   If the answer is that profound changes are necessary in lifestyles and expectations then:

If this is the reality and humans will do almost anything to avoid facing this reality and making the changes, how could we try to  bring people to face the reality and make the changes?  CONCLUSION from these Questions.   Profound changes are vital to create a sustainable human society and enormous difficulties will arise but there is no sustainable alternative.

So the question of whether a sustainable human society will survive depends on this epic struggle.