Will human society change so that its future is sustainable

The fundamental question is whether human society will change so that it becomes sustainable.  

It is urgent that all present unsustainable human activities have to be stopped so that a sustainable human society is created before it is too late.   That is a massive shift in our expectations of life.  

A sustainable society does not mean going back to some earlier stage of history.   It would be a sophisticated society but not our present wasteful, destructive society.  Happiness, health, peaceful co-existence and cooperation are fundamental qualities of a sustainable society.

The fundamental CONCLUSION is that every aspect of human activity on this planet must be evaluated against the criterion of whether it is unsustainable and therefore adding to the forces destroying the conditions in which human society could survive over the next centuries.  

This reality is that what is unsustainable must be stopped and all resources need to be redirected to creating a sustainable society before it is too late. .  There is no other valid bottom-line.