Carbon capture technology - £1bn per large coal plant

18/4/2009 Guardian Carbon capture  is technology that captures the carbon emissions of heavily polluting plants,
such as power stations, and stores them underground.Power companies say up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) which would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming can be trapped in this way.

How much does CCS cost?
Power companies say it would cost up to £1bn to fit the technology to each large coal plant. Operating costs are also higher because the technology makes power generation less efficient.

Does the technology work?
Oil companies have been pumping CO2 into depleted oil and gas fields to push out their remaining reserves for years. Technologies also already exist to extract CO2 before and after combustion takes place in a power station. The two
processes have never been joined up before on a large scale and no one knows how long carbon can be safely stored.

How well advanced are British plans for CCS?
In 2007, the government launched a competition that it claimed would fund the world’s first large CCS demonstration plant. Companies are still waiting for the result. These delays, continuing lack of government funding and indecision from ministers means the UK is falling behind other countries’ plans to roll out the technology, including China and France.

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