1.2 What do we have to do and can we succeed?

What do we have to do?The task will seem impossible but don’t underestimate human capabilities and the advantages of modern technology.

We have to achieve global cooperation at both community and government levels.

We have to reduce our individual carbon footprints to a tiny percentage of what we are used to and reduce all aspects of our wasteful lives accordingly.   We also have to reduce government emissions in some areas to zero, in green areas to tiny percentages through redirecting investment.

To achieve this huge re-direction of human endeavour we have to change our deepest expectations of what a good lifestyle should and can be.   This means a new sense of purpose, and new community relationships both locally and globally.   

Can we succeed?

Yes, if we can mobilize the huge human potential and deploy modern technology

BUT there is no easy technological fix that keeps all the wasteful lifestyles.  

How could we motivate people to accept this, and more than accept  it - struggle hard to achieve it?

By bringing them face to face with the reality - the alternative is far worse  - and this extremely hard path into  the future will bring significant well-earned advantages.   Living happier, healthier lives, with a strong sense of communal support and purpose, at peace with our neighbours, and a globally inclusive community regulated by social justice where everyone needs to have a good education and a satisfying life.   In fact, achieving these advantages is the only way that the necessary cooperation and effective action can be inspired and carried through.

Isn’t this is utopian, it never works, people are too selfish?

People have never experienced a global threat before that can unite them as never before in common purpose.

And we have some strengths -

There are rapid changes across the whole planet bringing new ideas, education, women’s full involvement.  Inclusion of the most remote communities is growing through modern methods of communication, global languages such as English are spreading very fast.

Science  now provides the evidence to break down racial thinking, so that we can all understand that each of us is genetically very closely related to everyone else on the planet.   We are all one family.  We can do it together.

There is phrase we should use: it is centuries old and it arose from the sense of urgency that dangers at sea in the days of sail