Doubt is spreading about the reality of climate change

  21/6/2010 New Scientist ”CLIMATEGATE”and the flaws in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s last
  report….have not greatly influenced US public opinion about global warming.
  That’s according to a survey fron Stanford University, California. Bu this and other polls -
  including one carried out in the UK-also show a steady decline in belief that the planet is
  Jon Krosnick has run polls on global warming each year since 2006. In his latest, 1000
  randomly selected adults in the US were asked the same questions as in previous years,
  plus new ones about recent controversies. Of the 32 per cent of respondents who had
  heard about climategate, just 29 per cent
  thought the unguarded comments in the leaked emails meant climate scientists should not
  be trusted.
  The survey showed a long-term drop in the proportion of people who believe that global
  warming has been happening, from 84 per cent in 2007 to 74 per cent this
  year. AUK poll by researchers at Cardiff University shows a similar drop, from 91 per
  cent in 2005 to 78 per cent this year.
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