World CO2 Emissions and UK CO2 emissions - note: BP’s data is not impartial.

7/7/2010  By Alister Hamilton at Transition Edinburgh South.

Overall, world CO2 emissions were down 1.1% in 2009 compared to 2008 according to the BP data.

CO2 Emissions: BP Data 2010BP produce the annual Statistical Review of World Energy. This large database now includes information on carbon dioxide emissions.

The figures from BP cover the period 1965 through to 2009. There was an 8.2% fall in UK CO2 emissions between 2008 and 2009 and the UK’s emissions are 1.7% of the global total.

According to the BP data, the regions with the largest falls are Europe and Eurasia (-7% with a 22% share of world total in 2009) and North America (-6.1% with a 22.4% of world total).

The regions with the largest increases are the Asia Pacific region (up 4.7% with 42.6% of world emissions) and the Middle East (up 4% with 5.8% of world emissions).
World CO2 Emissions: BP Data 2010

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