UK Climate Weekly survey finds 4 out of 5 motivated to take action on climate change

Climate Week also commissioned another survey, this time conducted by ICM and involving a sample of 2003 adults.It found that:

  Partners have the greatest influence over the green choices we make (58%).
  Surprisingly, after friends (41%) and parents (36%), religious faith emerged
  as having a greater influence on green lifestyles than the government (7%) and
  the media (6%).
  Those who are most influenced by friends said this was because they didn’t
  want to be the odd one out (84%) and even climate sceptics were swayed by
  wanting to fit in with the crowd.
  The findings also revealed a genuine appetite to act on climate change – with
  four out of five people motivated to take action and the same number believing
  one person can make a difference.
  Research also revealed that as much as celebs like Beckham can persuade us to
  go green, it is those people closest to us who are most likely to inspire us
  to take action to save the planet – if only because they nag us!
  This is particularly true of men, who are willing to go green if only for a
  quiet life. More than two-thirds (69%) of men would clean up their act as a
  result of nagging, compared to less than one-third (31%) of women. By
  contrast, women (64%) are almost twice as likely as men (36%) to follow advice
  from people they see as experts.

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